Perfect Service

Linkcare is regarded as the top business in Vietnam offering technology solutions and privileges in the priority membership programs after 12 years of development.


We create membership solutions & programs

Link system to accumulate points and redeem rewards at more than 5000 points

Loyalty Platform, Ecommerce, E-Voucher, Deeplink, Auto Hotline, SMS Location, Email Marketing..

Free weekly gift offers for members and customers of Enterprise

Technology solutions for high-class customer care

Providing E-Voucher, E-Gift, Premium Gift, Brand’s Gift

24/7, multilingual consulting and multi-line call center to meet all needs

Organize private events for high-end corporate customers

Tailor programs with superior privileges for each Business


Why choose LinkCare?


High Quality Services

Possessing a network of thousands partners both domestically and abroad is advantageous. We are always offer an comprehensive solution for priority membership of enterprise desiring to cultivate their potential customers into devoted ones.

Tailor-made Solutions

Every program and solution we develop carries the unique cultural imprint of each brand, creating a sustainable link between companies and their customers.


Enhanced Customer Loyalty

By designing and managing membership programs, we help you cultivate stronger customer loyalty. Members feel valued and appreciated, which encourages them to maintain a long-term relationship with you. Increased loyalty leads to higher customer retention rates and reduced customer churn.


We Help Increasing Customer

Brand Image and Reputation

Contribute to a positive brand image and reputation

It demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction, personalized services, and building strong relationships. Such initiatives can enhance your overall brand perception and attract new customers seeking high-quality service experiences. By providing exclusive benefits and privileges, corporations incentivize members to stay loyal and discourages them from switching to competitors.

Membership programs contribute to corporate growth, profitability, and long-term success in a highly competitive industry such as banking or retail.

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