Offering 'perfect service' is the guiding principle in Business Operations and Devlopment Direction of LinkCare in every project.

School proffessors

Expertise and roles we are a leaders in.

  1. Priority Program Design and Development

    Design and develop customized priority membership programs tailored to specific target audience and goals.

  2. Loyalty Program Integration

    Integrate the membership program with existing loyalty or rewards program to ensures a seamless experience.

  3. Benefits and Privileges Management

    Help determining the benefits and privileges offered to VIP members, including exclusive service, preferential pricing, and special offers...

  1. Data Analytics and Reporting

    Advise analytical insights and reporting tools to track the performance and effectiveness of the membership program.

  2. Program Maintenance and Enhancement

    Offer ongoing support and maintenance for the membership program, including managing member inquiries, handling escalations, and continuously evaluating.

  3. Customer Segmentation and Analysis

    Assist in identifying and segmenting your customer base to determine the eligibility criteria for priority membership. This involves analyzing customer data, transaction history, loyalty patterns, and other relevant factors.


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